Evolve Bridal Studio & Beauty Salon offers waxing treatments in Bradford and surrounding areas. Waxing is the hair removal method  for removing any unwanted hair from different area of your body. 

Our Beauty therapist removes the hair from the roots so the client’s don’t get ingrowing hair and also leaves their skin smoother. Our Bradford waxing service is popular with many local customers at affordable price’s too.We always work to the industry’s highest standards.

We offer hot and warm waxing. Hot waxing is used for shorter and more stubborn hair. Hot wax is applied in thicker consistency so when we apply, it grip the hair tightly. Then we pull it off  in the opposite direction of the hair growth and it takes the hair with it. Warm waxing is applied in a thin layer, with a spatula and removed with waxing strips.

Our therapist ensures you are comfortable before & after the Treatment, Please advise the therapist if you have any skin conditions.